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What We Do

An introduction to the types of things we do on the farm

Raise Chickens

We have several breeds of chickens all pasture raised, Fertile eggs for sale, and meat birds

Grow Vegetables

A wide assortment of vegetables and fruits will be available soon on the farm

Brew Kombucha

Not for sale currently but is available for tasting and is a passion for us


All the things we build and do

Mega Coop


Chicken Tractors


Clearing Brush

Manual Labor


Raising Animals


Raising Animals


Raising Animals


We moved from Wilmington back to PA and bought five acres of land

  • 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Stephanie started by clearing brush and we got our first set of chickens

  • Summer 2016

    Starting the orchard/garden

    Stephanie built a small wooden fence; we planted a bunch of fruit trees, and planted our first set of grape vines and flowers

  • March 2017

    Started to farm

    Started planting our first set of crops. We started tomatos, peppers, asparagus inside under lights with heat pads.

  • April 2017

    Expanded our flock

    We bought 30 new chickens (from knisley and tractor supply), bought 4 turkeys, and 3 ducks

  • Be part
    of our

Our amazing team

Family owned and operated

Stephanie Peters

Stephanie Peters

Master Engineer, Creative Genius, Owner

  • Penn State Graduate
  • BS in Engineering Science, with Honors
  • Graduate Coursework (Engineering Science, Nanotechnology)

Stephanie is the heart of the farm and has worked as a Manufacturing and Quality engineer before becoming a full time farmer, her engineering skills are on display anytime you look at the farm, from the mega chicken coop to the chicken tractors have been built and designed by her

Toby Peters

Toby Peters

Farm Hand, Visionary

  • Penn College Graduate
  • BS with a Web & Applications Development Concentration

Farm hand who helps out mostly by lifting things around the farm and doing menial repetitive tasks

Pepper Peters

Pepper Peters

Ultimate Helper

  • Fastest and Smartest dog alive

We have been working hard to be more self sufficient and build a better future for our family and yours

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